Entering into a contract brings risks associated with its compliance. Although the parties agree, there are variables that could interfere with its timely development.
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What do we cover?

Seriousness in the offer

We assume the damages suffered by the insured due to consequential damage due to the non-signing of the contract for which the supplier submitted an offer or proposal.

Good management and correct investment of the advance

We protect you against the mismanagement and incorrect investment of the advance that your company, as the contractor, has given to the contractor, as well as the improper appropriation that the contractor makes of the money or goods that have been given to him as an advance.


We cover, under the terms of the insurance, the damages that your contractor causes you in the event that you breach the contract.

Payment of salaries, social benefits and labor compensation

We guarantee the payment of wages, legal social benefits and labor compensation that the contractor has failed to comply with to the workers who intervened in the execution of the contract.

Stability and quality of the work

We cover it in case of damage or deterioration of the project due to poor quality in its execution.​

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